Government Links

Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center

The Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center website has a lot of good information about businesses in Apache Junction. There is an upcoming events link and a link to area tourist attractions. This is a great site with tons of information.

City of Apache Junction

White Sands Estates is in the incorporated limits of the City of Apache Junction. Their site has a Visitors tab that has links to the Senior Center, Things To Do, Resource Center and more. There is great information about city services at this website.

Pinal County Government

The City of Apache Junction is located in Pinal County. Their site has a department contact section for all of the services the county provides.

State of Arizona

This is the main site for the State of Arizona. You can get to all of the divisions and branches of state government from this page.

News and Media Links

Arizona Republic - Phoenix area newspaper

East Valley Tribune

Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent

Phoenix Fox 10 news.

ABC 15 news

Channel 3 Phoenix news

Service Providers

Salt River Project Electric -  (602) 236-8888

Mediacom Cable Service -  1-800-479-2082

Southwest Gas -  (877) 860-6020

Direct TV -  1-800-531-5000

Dish Network -  1-800-823-4929